Mayor Knudsen: Volunteering… to sell merch

Mayor Susan Knudsen has made a big deal about her volunteer work at the annual RHS Jamboree and is shocked, shocked that anyone could think that she would make any money off such a valuable event.

Let’s See the Proof(s)

The following are screenshots taken from Susan Knudsen Photography’s website.

Profit-seeking or altruism?

If Mayor Knudsen volunteered her time and shot pictures of RHS students and their families during an event, then sold, say, a $112 poster-sized photo back to one of those families, it would seem like she was taking her constituents’ money and donating it to the RHS Jamboree under her own name while benefiting from the tax write-off. Is this altruistic or is it self-serving? And, why does her photography sales website say nothing about any portion of any sales going to the Jamboree? Were the sales of these photos tax-deductible for the families who bought them? Did anyone keep receipts?

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